#SummerOfMatcha – Berry and Basil Lassi with Matcha & Ginger

When the lovely people at EatCleanTea challenged me to create a delicious and healthy recipe using EatCleanTea matcha I jumped at the chance. Now, you may not have heard of matcha so let me tell you why I was so excited.

Matcha starts life in Japan as green tea leaves before being handpicked and stoneground into a fine powder called matcha. It’s a powerful source of antioxidants with 137 x the amount in normal green tea and has been proven to boost metabolism, improve skin, fight disease and  give you long-lasting energy similar to coffee – but without the crash! Even better because it’s only 3 calories per serving and sugar free it’s also syn free!

To create my drink I chose the Matcha & Ginger version a combo of matcha green tea powder and fresh, stoneground ginger. I wanted to make a lassi, a cooling yogurt drink hailing from the Indian subcontinent. The flavour combinations used in a lassi are endless but are always creamy and utterly refreshing.#SummerOfMatcha Berry and Basil Lassi

I decided to use frozen berries to flavour the lassi and although my initial thought was to add mint as a herbal element I decided to be a little more daring and use basil instead. It worked! The lassi was refreshingly cool with a hint of both tartness and sweetness and flashes of flavour from the matcha, ginger and basil, I loved it!

To make sure that your matcha is well blended without any lumps it needs to be whisked. I used my stick blender and it worked well but if you wanted to be a traditionalist you can get a traditional Japanese chansen (Bamboo Whisk). Alternatively one of these nifty little gadgets would make an easy job of the whole drink.

#SummerOfMatcha - Berry and Basil Lassi with Matcha & Ginger
#SummerOfMatcha - Berry and Basil Lassi with Matcha & Ginger Author: Slim 'n' Tasty Prep time: 5 mins Total time: 5 mins Serves: 1 A super healthy matcha lassi made with a blend of Eat Clean Matcha & Ginger tea, yogurt, summer berries and basil. 2½ syns per portion (unless tweaking, then 1 syn - see note.)
  • 2 Eat Clean tea scoops of Matcha & Ginger
  • 50 ml boiling water
  • 100g frozen summer berries
  • 6 large basil leaves
  • 175ml fat free natural yogurt
  • 175ml iced water
  • 1 teaspoon Date Nectar (or you can now get it in most supermarkets - if you can't get any substitute honey.)
  • An additional basil leaf and a fresh strawberry to garnish.
  1. Whisk or blend the Matcha & Ginger powder with the boiling water. Make sure you blend well to ensure there are no lumps.
  2. Add the rest of the ingredients and blend either in a blender such as this one or using a stick blender.
  3. Pour into a glass and garnish with a fresh basil leaf and a strawberry.
Frozen berries are free unless pureed or cooked when they are 1½ syns per 100g. The idea behind this is that you are more likely to overeat pureed fruit. However, I had this lassi as my dessert and I would have ate 100g of berries anyway so I personally didn't count it. Whether you "tweak" or not is down to personal choice but be aware that tweaking may affect your weight loss.




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