About This Blog

Welcome to my food blog. Just to get us off on the right footing I need to make it clear that this is not an official or sponsored blog of any established slimming club or organisation. I myself am a member of Slimming World and follow their eating plan, but, I am not a consultant and any advice I share is not intended to replace that of your consultant. I try my best to give accurate nutritional information including syn values but cannot guarantee these will be correct and strongly suggest that if in doubt you should check with the online Slimming World calculators or official documentation.

This blog has been set up to share recipes that I have either created orĀ  have found useful in my personal weight loss journey. The recipes that I post are either my own or adapted from recipes that are less weight loss friendly. If I adapt a recipe I will always give credit to the original idea. I may from time to time post links to recipes that I find online but these will always link to the original recipe giving full credit to the author rather than replicate the recipe on this page. To find out more about me personally please visit my “About Me” page.