About Me

Hi! I’m Linda.   proxy

I thought I’d go ahead and introduce myself and tell you a little bit about my background and how I arrived at writing this blog.

I’ve been following the Slimming World plan on and off for several years but it was a “wake up call” in December 2014  that made me take notice of what I ate and what it was doing for my health. I was diagnosed as Type 2 Diabetes.

Help!! – Things such as this tend to make you take stock of your life and in particular the effects of your lifestyle and diet are having on your overall health. In the past I had lost weight with Slimming World, but, although I know it isn’t designed to be a “diet” I treated it as such with the result that once I had lost weight I celebrated “the end” of the diet. Of course you know what is coming next, don’t you? Weight gain! And then that wake up call.

Lots of reading and research on Type 2 Diabetes followed along with a three month stint of blood sugar testing both before each meal and 2 hours after each meal. (This was against medical advise but it was advised by all the forums I frequented and books that I read.) I rejoined Slimming World – I know the plan works – and this time realised it was a healthy eating plan for life, not a quick fix. I also discovered that although the Slimming World plan allows me to eat unlimited white pasta, my diabetes does not. Pasta is carbs and all carbs are turned into glucose by the body once digested, a hefty dose of carbs = a helfty dose of blood sugar.  With the regular blood glucose testing I discovered that while processed “white” versions of carbs, i.e white flour, white pasta and white rice caused my blood glucose level to rise to unacceptable levels, I can eat moderate portions of the wholefood versions of these carbs without causing a spike in blood glucose levels.

Fast forward a year to January 2015. I had lost a stone and a half in weight and more importantly my average blood glucose levels were those of a non diabetic! Woohoo!! Celebration!!! No need to be so strict with myself – perhaps they had been mistaken and I never had diabetes in the first place – regardless, my blood glucose levels were normal. Yup! you’ve guessed that old friend complacency came to stay and then got really comfortable.

January 2016 – Diabetic checkup time. Weight up. Blood pressure up. Blood glucose levels up! Proof if ever it was needed that I need an eating plan for life. Diabetes doesn’t go away – but- it can be managed. I know how to manage it. I’ve done it I’ve done it once, I can do it again but this time it’s my forever plan.

This blog is a commitment to that forever plan. I need to commit to eating well, not just till things improve but forever.  I love food and I love cooking so this love of food and cooking has to be part of that plan, I need it to work, for me. I will be posting the recipes I make, the inspiration I find and the information I discover to help me stay on track for the rest of my journey through life. I’d love it if you could join me and we can keep each other company every step of the way.